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A Book Reading

June 30, 2017 I accepted the invitation by Carol Vaughn of Carol’s Costa Rica Club – to present a few words and read from my recently published book, A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife. And there I was – surrounded by twenty-five friends and fellow ExPats as well

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So What Is So Good About a One Hour Sketch?

July, 2017 When the hour was up and my beer was finished, I realized that I’d just enjoyed a blissful Right- Brained experience. Though I couldn’t remember it, I knew it had happened because of the peace and the calm that I felt. In truth I had

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The Intensives that Were, 2017

2017 was a year that began in disarray. Personal upheavals seemed to parallel the political ones. I had scheduled four Intensives for the first four months of the year – and suddenly, plans were changing nearly as fast as the US political rhetoric. Five people suddenly canceled

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Jan Hart Watercolor Videos – From the Jungle

“Jan, do you have a watercolor video?”  It is a question I’ve been asked repeatedly for a long time. My reply has been ‘perhaps some day’. There just never seemed to be an opportunity while I lived in the US, and the possibilities seemed even more remote

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Are You Planning to Buy Any of the New Paints?

A Facebook post from Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints caught my eye. Introducing 8 NEW Watercolors! New paints? Exciting news for artists – and the link offered even more enticing names and expressive descriptions. Having been a long time customer and supporter of Daniel Smith I was interested.

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The One Hour Watercolor Sketch with a Beer

Completing a watercolor sketch with a beer, in an hour may just be a way to wake up a dozing Muse or enliven a painting spirit! As a watercolor artist who has been painting and teaching for over thirty five years, I will admit to knowing quite

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On Painting White, Light and…Night

How does an artist choose a subject to paint? Often I find that it is the subject that chooses the artist. Suddenly it just appears! A part of the artist’s brain is alerted through the eyes – to investigate and the brain does what it does best

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A Case Moth Visit

I almost stepped on it, thinking it was a dried leaf. Glancing down I noticed small bits of green that seemed to be attached to whatever it was. Measuring about four inches long, conical in shape with several green short stems attached to one end of the

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And a Hearing Aid Appeared!

Finally, after getting no answer at the security gate in front of Clinica Dinamarca, I called on my cell phone. A petite Tica (Costa Rican woman) emerged from a building at the end of the block and waved me towards her. As is often the case here

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An Unexpected Healing

It seemed like a convergence of just one too many difficult events – each one vying for my attention and time. Set against the backdrop of the angry fervor of US Presidential Primary season it seemed almost like an extension of the fear and panic energy. My

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