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Conversations with Frank Continue

  And they get better and better. In looking back over the six months since Frank passed away quietly in his sleep I now can smile a bit in pure wonder. March 9, 2014. Before bed that night we kissed goodnight and talked about all that would

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My Legacy

How it Came to Be It sounds a bit grandiose, this word Legacy. When I say I’m working on my legacy it sounds a bit pretentious and more impressive than it actually is in my mind. The word, Legacy actually means “a gift of personal property, often

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Conversations with Frank

4 Months After Frank Passed. 7.10.14 I feel peaceful and present. So much changed for me with the enormity of my trip to the states, beginning just shy of 3 months after Frank passed so suddenly. So inexplicably. So shockingly. Surely the first three months were felt

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Be An Eagle!

Flash, my valiant and brave African Senegal parrot passed away silently during the night a little while ago. He wasn’t ill and was in very good spirits the evening before – even lowering his head for me to gently rub – our usual way to interact affectionately.

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My ‘Pura Vida’ Tico Family

The people of Costa Rica call themselves Ticos, an affectionate nickname originally derived from the diminutive suffix ic. The term, Gringos is not quite as uniformly affectionate, but in and of itself is not derogatory and is widely used in Costa Rica for North Americans. As a

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Three Months After…..

A marker of sorts – three months since Frank passed away came while I was in the states – teaching, visiting, finishing up my planned workshops in Seattle and Española. Plus there was an added leg of the trip to Indiana to meet Jack – my first

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A Difficult Day of Grief

6 weeks after Frank’s death Today was my most difficult grief day so far – 6 weeks after Frank passed. The darkened clouds gathered early in the morning – and the day went along – cloudy and somber. It was feria day (market day) and I found

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Frank’s Passing

  I heard Frida’s single bark sometime around 4 in the morning and I responded with a quick, ‘Quiet, Frida’…   I didn’t want her to wake Frank. This was to be the first day of my week long Costa Rica workshop and as I turned over, readjusted

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Seabiscuit on Christmas Eve

Jan Hart, Dec. 2013 Twas the night before Christmas and all through my little Tico house Frank and I looked for the ‘just right’ classic ‘feel good’ movie to watch… My collection of DVDs didn’t include It’s a Wonderful Life or The Miracle on 34th Street, so

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Seattle Workshop Paintings and Self Critique

  My most recent workshop was in Seattle, Washington where I feel I was so lucky to be a part of an amazingly creative 4 days! Despite the early rains and cool clime, these 15 women did some incredible painting and pushed themselves to new highs! Though

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