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Seabiscuit on Christmas Eve

Jan Hart, Dec. 2013 Twas the night before Christmas and all through my little Tico house Frank and I looked for the ‘just right’ classic ‘feel good’ movie to watch… My collection of DVDs didn’t include It’s a Wonderful Life or The Miracle on 34th Street, so

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Seattle Workshop Paintings and Self Critique

  My most recent workshop was in Seattle, Washington where I feel I was so lucky to be a part of an amazingly creative 4 days! Despite the early rains and cool clime, these 15 women did some incredible painting and pushed themselves to new highs! Though

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Beyond Coincidence

Jan Hart, December, 2013 Years ago New Mexico opened my eyes and life to the magic, the mysterious, the unexplainable. There in that rarified place my spirit came alive. What other explanation for the transformation that began over 20 years ago in the high desert of The

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After the Crash

Some Thoughts about Life Rescue in Costa Rica It feels a lot like I washed up on a Costa Rican shore on Christmas Eve, having barely survived a shipwreck. Perhaps a bit dramatic, but the shipwreck was real. It was 2008 and I’d survived medical bankruptcy, a

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Life Lessons from my Brush

I was still debating in my mind about what to paint for the first Cloudcroft workshop demo. In a few minutes my 15 students would gather in front of the mirror to watch – and I quickly settled on the colorful scarlet macaw. Rather than paint the

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Fixing a Wayward Watercolor – Demo

  In my workshops I always tell my students that if they truly have a painting that they are positive cannot be fixed, I will be happy to take it and demonstrate the idea that nothing is ‘unfixable’. In Cloudcroft, New Mexico a student handed me a

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Doing It The Tico Way

Seurat, my dog gave a sharp bark as he bounded into my home office to get me. I understood that someone was at the front gate, which is where I generally greet anyone who stops by. I walked outside to see one of my Costa Rican (Tico)

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The Magpie Funeral, Part II

Long after my New Mexico experience with the magpies and crows and their raucous death-watch over one of my pigeons, I carried the memory of the spectacular event and continued to wonder. Had I witnessed animal consciousness in the crows and magpies that gathered at the ‘funeral’

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The Magpie Funeral, Part I

I was in the third row surrounded by fellow zoology and biology students. We were listening to Professor Garrett Hardin lecture about conscious awareness in animals. He said something to the effect that there was no scientific evidence that animals other than humans truly are conscious or

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Just Enough

March 2013 For as long as I can remember money has been one of the most important relationships in my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid as much attention to money as I have to any other relationship. I’m not proud of it. But maybe I’m getting

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