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On Savoring My Trip to Italy….and More

October, 2012 At home again – after three weeks abroad. That sounds so elevated, so upscale, so luxurious. Home again after three weeks abroad. And when I add in that my destination was Italy, I know that just about everyone would say, ‘lucky you’, and ‘How wonderful!’

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Rebuilding a Tico House in Costa Rica – A Path Less Traveled

Getting Started and The Project There are several ways to go about creating the house of your dreams in Costa Rica. Here is the one I took – a path less traveled. I was one who didn’t follow any of the sage advice about buying a place

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A Tribute to the Lowliest

“The animals of the planet are in desperate peril… Without free animal life I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen.” Alice Walker A big reason I moved to Costa Rica was to be nearer to animals – the creatures and critters I’ve loved for

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Building the Outdoor Shower and Accidental Altar

Jan Hart, April 2012 Semana Santa (Holy Week) began on a Monday kicking off a steady march toward the finale of Good Friday and Easter. Semana Santa is a very big deal in Costa Rica, which grinds to a halt midweek as the country turns its attention

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A Three Toad Night

Thud-up. I heard it and woke from a sound sleep. In the dim light I looked to Seurat, my sweet Blue Healer/Bassett hound-friend lying on the sheet at the foot of my bed, his head resting on my ankles. With eyes open, he looked attentive but unconcerned.

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What to Do When Your Best Friend Flies

Sage is a parrot and one of my best friends and closest companions in this life. He was born in captivity in 2005 and I got him from a favorite pet store in Santa Fe., New Mexico. Together we endured his fledgling-hood and ‘terrible twos’ and forged

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Getting Back to Now

I pulled a red plastic chair nearer to the edge of my ‘infinity deck’ and sat down to look out over the city. There was San Isidro below with city lights getting brighter as the tropical evening made its startlingly sudden switch to night. It was Christmas

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Occupy Your Life

The Occupy movement is alive, credible and growing in the United States and the world. International in scope, the Occupy movement began just a few months ago in New York City, followed by San Francisco. A few weeks later the protests had spread to 95 cities across

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A Lesson from the Ticos

On Friday morning, June 19, I hoped to get an early start to the Osa from my place – but even starting at 5 a.m., I wasn’t finally packed until 10 a.m. I put the little paintings I had done in a box and into my car,

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Managing the Ride

Part I: Returning from a Bumpy Ride Our plane touched down at SJO at 1 pm. And we made our way through familiar lines and aimed towards home. It had been a combined business pleasure trip for me – teaching and family gathering. For Frank, a Canadian

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