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A Lesson from the Ticos

On Friday morning, June 19, I hoped to get an early start to the Osa from my place – but even starting at 5 a.m., I wasn’t finally packed until 10 a.m. I put the little paintings I had done in a box and into my car,

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Managing the Ride

Part I: Returning from a Bumpy Ride Our plane touched down at SJO at 1 pm. And we made our way through familiar lines and aimed towards home. It had been a combined business pleasure trip for me – teaching and family gathering. For Frank, a Canadian

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Getting Through Cognitive Dissonance and into Action

May, 2012 Our lives are no longer as simple or safe as we once believed. The institutions we trusted to protect us, serve us, and tell us the truth have proven to be unworthy of our trust. Feeling powerless and afraid, we are easy prey for distractions

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Remove the Packaging, Please!

I didn’t realize I lived under layers of insulating comfort and illusion in New Mexico. I didn’t foresee that moving to Costa Rica in December 2008 would start a process of layer removal much like a snake wriggling out of its old, no longer useful skin. I

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Fighting Fear from Front Row Seats

We live in fearful times. Parker Palmer, a Quaker educator says, “Fear is the air we breathe. We subscribe to religions that exploit our dread of death. We do business in an economy of fear driven by consumer worries about keeping up with the neighbors. And we

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On Adjusting and Readjusting

June, 2010 It was my first trip back to the states in nearly 8 months and after having wedged my roots deep into the red volcanic soil of Costa Rica over the past 18 months. Arriving in Seattle felt familiar to my bones having lived in the

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A Toucan’s Tale

How I Work Through a Painting’s Challenges In the painting I call “Toucan Fly,” I began as usual by thinking about and planning what I wanted to describe about the toucan and my experience of it. From my workshop in Costa Rica last February, I had several

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Creating Fall Foliage

A Demonstration Fall colors jolt us out of our familiarity with the greens and blues of summer. Every year, almost overnight, there is an explosion of warm, analogous colors — the reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall foliage. A deciduous tree makes a great subject to

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Last Light: A Demonstration With Jan

We gather around as I begin the demo. The afternoon shadows play upon the face of the white and salmon pin rocks Georgia O’Keefe first brought to the world’s attention over 50 years ago. The meander and rhythym of the light fascinates me as I do a

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