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The Power of One Little Bird

Beak is a half moon conure I’ve had for 10+ years. Most everyone who meets him loves him – because he is terminally upbeat. And noisy. I found him one Sunday morning on the floor of the aviary – walking. He wasn’t able to fly – or

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What’s Going on at Finca La Puebla?

Finca La Puebla is one of Frank’s favorite places on earth! During the 17 years Frank has lived there amidst the vegetable gardens and scattered fruit trees near the river, his life has changed much like the subtle as well as drastic changes in the farm itself.

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Drone Attack or Natural Wonder?

This is the third blog post for Jan’s Front Row Seats! Last night I was getting ready for bed when I heard a thump against my living room window. First I thought it was a bird – but at night? A bat? But bats don’t crash…they have

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Frank’s House, Casa de Corazon

Frank’s house was begun on two pieces of paper and a pen and pencil on my kitchen table sometime in 2012.  It was about that time that Frank was thinking about selling his farm and moving up to San Rafael Norte with me. The sticking point was,

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Tico House Re-Do Almost Finished!

You can see some of the exterior changes from the ‘before’ and ‘current’… The aviary is still there and the planter is still there…but the old roof has been removed, termite ridden boards replaced and new, higher roof supported by a new steel structure has changed everything!

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Learning to Let Go — Again

I’ve much to say but not much time or willingness to say it. I find myself overwhelmed, but continuing to move along bit by bit. Probably I bit off more than I could chew (and those of you who know me well are nodding your heads) –

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