HartNews from Jan in Costa Rica, June 2016

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HartNews is my four times a year communication about life as an artist, writer and teacher from my home, Casa de Corazon, in Costa Rica. Included are writings and paintings and upcoming events. If I’ve sent you this without your expressed permission you can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. I would also love to hear from you, especially if you like this issue!  Photo is Frank’s house at Casa de Corazon.

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Watercolor Intensives and Workshops

Jan’s New Blog

Jan’s New Writings and Paintings

• A Beer and A Sketch

• An Unexpected Healing

What’s Going on at Casa de Corazon?

Book Progress: A Woman Awakens: Life AfterLife.

Legacy Tutorials and eBooks in online store

Watercolor Intensives and Workshops

2016 and beyond

My focus in Costa Rica is now on Intensives – come join in for a one of a kind painting/doing experience!  What is an Intensive?  Read More

In Costa Rica, 2017

Watercolor Intensives

5 days, 6 nights at Jan’s place above the city of San Isidro de El General.. Availability below.  Read More

• January Intensive:  January 8 – 13  – room for 1 more

• February Intensive: February 12 – 17 – completely filled

• March Intensive:  March 26 – 31 – 3 spaces available

Email Jan to plan for April, May or June, 2017

In the US, 2016

One Workshop: Española, New Mexico  – ‘Painting Around the Light’

September 14, 15, 16 and 17, 2016. Space for 2 more!      Read More

Jan’s New Blog

I’ve just launched a new blog focusing on my thoughts and reflections from my little Tico house here in southern Costa Rica. I’m aiming for putting something out every two weeks.  Take a look.

Jan’s New Blog   

Jan’s New Writings:

A Beer and A Sketch   Some Good Work on Bad Paper and a painting process that has breathed new life into my work. Take a look…

Read More

An Unexpected Healing  An unexpected healing experience proves again that we can never guess what is around the very next corner.

Read More

What’s Going on at Casa de Corazon?

It is raining in Costa Rica!   And along with the tropical downpours are the wonderful mangoes falling from the trees!  Anita makes the best mango nectar. Gracias, Anita!

An aerial perspective on Jan’s life in Costa Rica – where she lives AND where she teaches – before the yard extension and retaining wall. A drone’s eye view

Book Progress:  A Woman Awakens: Life AfterLife

While still open to securing an agent and/or traditional publisher, I’m now planning to publish my 80,000 words plus the paintings as an eBook. Hope to have it available by August 1, 2016!  Suggestions or contacts welcome.  Stay tuned!    Excerpts

Other Ebooks

My 2008 book, The Watercolor Artist’s Guide to Exceptional Color is available only through resellers after three reprintings. It is now available and affordable through my website as an Ebook. Read More    Another Ebook is my first year in Costa Rica.  What Do You Mean I Can’t Move to Costa Rica? 


Legacy Tutorials

I completed my twelve Legacy Tutorials in 2014 in an effort to get all I know about watercolor into a useful format. The tutorials are as close as I can get to a personal one on one conversation about a subject or painting process I love.  To see more.  Set of 12 Tutorials.

Check out my new, upgraded site which is always in progress….


Email me for more info. jan@janhart.com

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