HartNews, Volume 15, Issue 2 July 2015


What is HartNews?

HartNews is my communication about life as an artist, a writer and a teacher from my home, Casa de Corazon, in Costa Rica. I write about where I am in life, including my current writings and workshops and the animals who share my life here. If I’ve sent you this without your expressed permission you can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. I would also love to hear from you if you like this issue!  Casa de Corazon is now on Facebook. Photo is Frank’s house at Casa de Corazon.

In this issue!

  • Watercolor Workshop and Class Report: Looking ahead to 2016 and Class Report, May 2015
  • Jan’s Latest Writings

When It Rained, It Poured
Finishing the White Cow Painting

  • Jan’s Watercolor Demo and special offer for painters:   Grief Leaves
  • What’s Going on at Casa de Corazon?
    • Legacy Tutorials and eBooks in online store
    • Ebook in progress: A Woman Awakened. Aiming to finish in December!
    • Website and Newsletter updates and thanks
Watercolor Workshop & Intensive Report

 2016 is just around the corner!


Coming up in 2016

Register now for one of two Costa Rica planned painting events in 2016

REPORT  2015 ExPat Painting Class for Localistas! There were eight local women ExPats who wanted a watercolor class. We finally set it up for four Wednesday mornings in May…and they flew!  Read More

Jan’s Latest Writings…

  When It Rained, It Poured

It was time to shore up the eroding slope in front of my house – and extend my front yard.

On Tuesday, June 2 our ‘Prince of Peace’ statue that stood high on a rock at the northern entrance to San Isidro de El General was hit by single bolt of lightning and reduced to rubble. After thirty five years! It felt like a warning……  And then….

Read More

   Finishing the White Cow Painting

I’ve finished the painting I call Gentle Light. Look for the finishing explanation at the end of the step by step demo.    Read More

  Jan’s Watercolor Demo and Special Offer

This leaf demo, Grief Leaves was begun in March, 2014 at a watercolor workshop here in Costa Rica. Grieving the sudden unexpected death of my husband, Frank – just days before, I welcomed the opportunity to concentrate on leaves and shadows and glazing in the moment…..  It was finally finished a year later. Grief Leaves

Read More for the step by step demo and a special offer to watercolor painters…

What’s Going on at Casa de Corazon?

Creating and re-creating a retaining wall to shore up the slope in front of the house has been a three+ month project….and pretty much the focus of life at Casa de Corazon lately.    Read More

Get and aerial perspective on Jan’s life in Costa Rica – where she lives AND where she teaches – before the yard extension and retaining wall. A drone’s eye view


My 2008 book, The Watercolor Artist’s Guide to Exceptional Color is available only through resellers after three reprintings. It is now available and affordable through my website as an Ebook. Read More    Another Ebook is my first year in Costa Rica.  What Do You Mean I Can’t Move to Costa Rica? 


Legacy Tutorials

I completed my twelve Legacy Tutorials in 2014 in an effort to get all I know about watercolor out of my computer and both our memories. They are as close as I can get to a personal one on one conversation about a subject or painting process I love. Legacy Tutorials

Jan’s In-Progress Ebook….A Woman Awakened

I am continuing the writing of this true and deeply personal story that actually began in May 1997 with a vision – in scarlet red and emerald green. The colors and the message led me to Costa Rica and to Frank. And the story continues, after his passing in March, 2014. It is a combination of memoir, spiritual quest and love story…

Read More

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