Casa de Corazon in Costa Rica

Casa de Corazon, 2008

“Casa de Corazon is what I named the old Tico house I bought in early 2008. I first saw it sitting alone on the quarter acre plantelle in the neighborhood of San Rafael Norte, just above the southern Costa Rica city, San Isidro de El General. The colors of the house let me know it was to be mine. Scarlet red and emerald green showed up in a dream eighteen years earlier – and the dream subject was an entity who called himself Raphael. (the complete story is in my book, A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife)

As I was able, I added what I needed with money provided by students who visited. If interested, there is a timeline of improvements under Casa de Corazon.”

The entire first year in Costa Rica is detailed in her eBook, What Do You Mean I Can’t Move To Costa Rica? 2010

Jan’s synchronistic and magical journey in search of consciousness from New Mexico to Costa Rica and finding the love of her life is detailed in her recent book, A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife, 2016. Available as paperback or kindle. Jan has accompanying website, that shows all 35 paintings in the book in full color. For the complete cost and lessons learned in the rebuilding of Casa de Corazon, please see Jan’s article, Rebuilding a Tico House in Costa Rica – A Path Less Traveled, 2012.

Having arrived with little financial security, she would have to bring in any money for improvements that were needed. In 2009 Jan offered her first ‘Intensive’ of 5 days of painting and 6 nights for $1000 and advertised through her newsletter for more. Fifteen people immediately signed up and sent the money she needed to build the two cabinas. That was her start! Each year’s Intensives as well as workshops in Seattle and New Mexico provided the funds she needed – and Jan’s Tico neighbors provided the building skills and labor as well as Spanish lessons! It all evolved magically thanks to almost one hundred people who have come for an Intensive or workshop or a visit over the years.


  • 2008 – Purchase of the old Tico house on 1/4 acre with the Million dollar view
  • 2009, 2010 – Aviary and two cabinas
  • 2011 – Outdoor open air studio with outdoor kitchen
  • 2012 – Rebuilding of the house with all termite ridden wood replaced and new steel framework from the concrete floor and concrete knee walls up.  All new plumbing and electricity.  New covered car port.
  • 2013 – Outdoor shower and raised garden bed
  • 2014 – Casa Tranquila – Frank’s house built for him.  Frank passed away three months before it was finished.
  • 2015 – New retaining wall and front yard
  • 2016 – Present – Upkeep and repairs…

Frank’s House, Casa Tranquila, 2016

Casa de Corazon is a place of love as well as healing. First it healed Jan’s broken heart upon leaving her beloved Ranchito San Pedro in Española, New Mexico. It became a place of love when she met Frank Thompson, a Canadian ExPat. Jan and Frank were married on her 70th birthday and were in the process of building his little house next to hers when he died suddenly in 2014. Casa de Corazon again became a place of healing. And it is remains a simple and quiet place for Jan to live and love.


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