Watercolor Videos

Jan Hart offers four new watercolor videos that fully share her painting process, start to finish. The videos are set up as teaching Intensives with Jan and her student, Sharron. Jan is in teaching mode – and she paints and also talks about what she is doing and thinking with Sharron and the camera viewer. Three of the videos cover the entire process of painting the ‘Blue Leaves’, from early decisions about composition and color to final words of critique. The fourth video is a one hour plein aire watercolor sketch of a mango tree that stands at the edge of her outdoor studio. Unrehearsed and uninterrupted, it is as if you are right there with Jan and Sharron.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are talking – “thinking out loud” about exactly what you’re doing. I know from my own experience just how hard it is to talk and paint. I generally start out with the intent and then as I get pulled into the painting my voice trails off…generally some student will ask something and I go “….wha-a-t?” I really enjoy the format with your student there, asking questions, responding, jumping in with comments. And telling your colors is HUGE – people always ask “what color.” I think there is NO ONE painting who knows as much as pigments as you do. Hopefully some of that will rub off.

I really like the set of videos and think the price is very good and the information is AWESOME!

– Laurel W. 2017

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