Audio Informational Slideshow – On Painting Rocks Part 1



On Painting Rocks – Part 1: Understanding Rock Forms in Light

In this Informational Slide Show Jan discusses the importance of seeing and understanding the rock form in light before painting it. She begins with the ways Georgia O’Keeffe approached some of her paintings of Ghost Ranch rock forms. Then, using a powerful photographic diagram, the basics of light, shade, reflected light and the cast shadow are described for understanding.

The presentation finishes with Jan’s very thorough step by step demo of painting Echo Canyon Rocks in full light so that the viewer understands how and when to deal with each aspect of the rock form in light. While you move through the slide show, you can pause to read and study the photographs and you can also listen to Jan’s unhurried and thorough explanations about what you are seeing and reading.

  • Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a personal email from Jan that contains the link or links for your order, usually within a day. All you need to do is click on the link to download the zip file that contains the slideshow pdf. The slide show begins as soon as you click the pdf. Each slide show pdf can be saved for more viewings on your computer or external disk drive.

On Painting Rocks, Part 1 is available individually for $8, or as part of a package of all 8 Audio Informational Slideshows for $50 for a savings of $14!


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