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Startled by a colorful vision in scarlet red and emerald green, along with a directive to ‘Be Conscious’, artist Jan Hart began an eighteen year personal journey to comprehend the message.

‘A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife’ is Jan Hart’s latest book, published by Createspace in 2016 and available only through The book describes a personal and inspirational life adventure that led her, at age sixty-six, to move from New Mexico to Costa Rica during the US financial collapse. Through the unfolding of a series of spiritual adventures and synchronicities she emerged, during her seventh decade, with a deeper understanding of life cycle as well as more clarity around consciousness. This true-life spiritual memoir takes the reader through deep love and heartbreaking loss, gradually moving toward a spiritual awakening which glimpses the Afterlife.

This book is offered in either paperback or Kindle versions only through

Jan is currently in the process of writing a follow-up to this book that includes the many lessons and communications with her late husband and best friend, Frank Thompson. Its working title is Notes in the Night. Click here for more information about this book in progress.


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