Localistas! Jan’s May Watercolor Class for local ExPats!

Week-2-students-at-work There were eight local women ExPats who wanted a watercolor class. We finally set it up for four Wednesday mornings in May…and they flew!

These were creative artists in their own rights! Some who painted in other media, some who created in awesome ways besides painting – and they had lots of questions and willingness!


4.Leo and class prepEvery week Leo had it all set up for us at Papas – with tables put together on the open upper covered area. Each week I offered a lesson with a demo and then we had time for everyone to paint and work with the lesson subject. Our classes covered:

  • Color and color relationships
  • Basic techniques in watercolor – wet and dry washes, graded washes
  • Pigments and pigment characteristics; Limiting a palette
  • Painting the white subject in three transparent paints
  • Glazing and finishing techniques

4.critique 2After the first week, we began the next three classes with critiques of anything from the week before. What wonderful works came through these enthusiastic women!

After our three hours were finished, we cleared the table and ordered lunch!  Wonderful and delicious!

I will likely offer another class in 2016!  Thank you, Bonnie, Suzanne, Shannon, Carol, Pragya, Leslie, Yvonne and Patti!

4.Suzanna Leff

Suzanne, always with a smile!

4.Shannon painting

Shannon working fast and beautifully!

3.Carol and critique time

Carol really getting into the critique time! 🙂

Patti painting around the light!  :)

Patti painting around the light! 🙂

4.Leslie and Yvonne_edited-1

Leslie and Yvonne arriving after their drive from Dominical! Thank you for coming!

Hard at work

Hard at work in the studio!


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