Jan’s Published Watercolor Book, 2008 – Ebook

Jan’s Published Watercolor Book, 2008 – Ebook




The Watercolor Artist’s Guide to Exceptional Color

There are hundreds of watercolor paints on the market, with widely varying characteristics, appearances, and names. Jan Hart’s 2008 paperback book is out of print and will not be available again except through resellers like amazon, etc. It is now available as an Ebook at an affordable price. This easy-to-use Ebook cuts through the confusion. In this informative, 128-page Ebook, author Jan Hart covers pigment properties while providing helpful information on combining colors on the palette for optimal effect. The full-color Ebook features an array of step-by-step painting demonstrations and a must-have glossary of pigment equivalencies for the most popular paint manufacturers.

Price: $29.95 USD
Format: PDF Ebook (15Mb)

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“Numerous color palettes shown; many excellent and various art examples by professional watercolorists in a wide variety of color schemes. Everything printed in full color. Terrific book for a beginner and yet extremely helpful for advanced watercolor artists. The book is divided up into sections, for example, “Light, Shade and Shadow”,”Wet In Wet”,”Backgrounds”, “Clouds and Skies”, “Portraits” “Flowers”, “Paper” and “What’s New”. Also a lot of information on how to do certain techniques. I own at least 50 or so watercolor books and most of the ones about color have not measured up to this wonderful book.”

P.M. Frank

“Your book, as I mentioned to you when I visited your class, is the best, most compact reference I have ever used for watercolor instruction in all my years of teaching. You have an orderly mind as well as being a good painter. Keep up the good work!

J. Carrasco

Just got this one from the a re-seller at amazon marketplace when I ordered another copy:

“I am tickled to “meet” you.
I must gush a bit and tell you that I have enjoyed the book and use it often.  Mostly for your color paletes in the many areas (e.g. neutrals)  I searched for quite a while to find such a comprehensive resource and was so glad I found your book.  It is a rare gift to hear from a stranger on how one has helped them in unknowable ways — my gift to you as your book has been a joy and a gift to me.”

Theresa at Amazon Marketplace


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