‘Palm Play’ Painting Tutorial

‘Palm Play’ Painting Tutorial




Palm-PlayPainting Tutorial
Number of Slides: 15
Format: .pdf and .swf (92 Mb)
Compatibility: Macintosh, PC, E-Reader Devices


This Painting Demo Tutorial gives a step by step progression through a painting of a palm. Jan shares everything she thinks about including her personal choices in composition, color scheme, pigments she uses and why, Initial washes, glazing and some innovative tips about how to finish a painting without overworking.

Jan concludes with a valuable self critique that can be applied to your own work.

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Let Jan tell you what is included with this tutorial–click the play button below!

I bought Jan’s legacy tutorial ‘Palm Play’ as soon as it was released and I love it! She uses a complex photo to work from but breaks it down into simple steps for you. Photos of the progression of her painting are combined with her thoughts on choosing the palette for the work and how to keep the colors in that palette balanced and harmonious within the piece. Jan also includes her value study (to get the lights and the darks before starting to paint) and her thoughts on how to ‘adjust’ elements of the composition so that the viewer’s eye will be drawn to one area and then continue to move over all the areas of the painting as well as other valuable tips like ‘accentuating without adding’ and ‘look twice, paint once’!. Last, Jan includes her critique–this is a gold mine for students. I’ve taken one of Jan’s week long workshops (Seattle, 2014) and I have to say that this tutorial was ALMOST as good as having Jan in the room with you! I highly recommend her tutorials!  ~ S.H.

If you enjoy spontaneous, luscious watercolors, this video is for you. It is presented in a series of steps that you can study and work through at your own pace. I especially like how Jan presents the steps side by side allowing the viewer to study the changes from one step to the next without going back and forward in the presentation. Jan lets us into her thought process, explaining how she makes each decision, most of which she is deciding herself during the course of the video. She shares her painting secrets; the paint colors she uses and even the brush sizes.Although I have been a serious watercolor artist for over forty years, I still came away with a better understanding of harmonizing color schemes and the theory behind them, and a reminder of design principles, wet on wet, glazing techniques, using positive and negative shapes, and creating balance, all while emphasizing the center of interest and leading the eye to the focal point. She gave me permission to create ‘puddles’, accept and work around ‘blossoms’, use bold juicy colors and be willing to take risks if they helped to create the desired ‘feeling’ in the painting.At the end of the video, Jan bravely critiques her own work and recognizes changes that she could make and reminds us to stop work ten minutes before we think the painting is finished. ~ A.N.


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