Busy Summer Time at Casa de Corazon!

relaxing on the Infinity Deck...

relaxing on the Infinity Deck…

Summer in Costa Rica’s southern zone begins in December and extends through March.  Warm days, dry days and plenty to do!  After a year of reflection and writing (and a little painting) following Frank’s passing, suddenly I was enveloped in a frenzy of joyous activity!

My February workshop filled and there were others emailing and planning to come visit!  I felt alive and hopeful and full!






Casa Tranquila – with everything one needs for Pura vida!

January blasted in with a frenzy of activity that included the finishing up of Frank’s Casa Tranquila that had to be ready for my workshop in February. So many finishing touches – and what a lovely space to enjoy!

  • pillows and spreads for the twin bed by Cathy Carrolan Mata (elticomata@yahoo.com)
  • finishing touches in the house by Oscar, my wonderful builder!
  • A new refrigerator and counter-top stove – along with dishes and gadgets and Frank’s coffee grinder and convection oven – plus all Frank’s wonderful books!
Jan and Liza

Jan and Liza


Friends, Liza and Steve came for a visit!

Liza brought me a copy of her incredible book, Moving with the Seasons  , Portrait of a Mongolian Family. Liza did it all – wrote this book, told the story of her adopted Mongolian family in her own words, did all the photography with astounding sensitivity and caring –  and then she published it herself!

Front-coversm-231x300-2The book has won several prestigious awards. Bravo, Liza!




Reunion with an old friend!

Catherine in studio_edited-1Catherine and I attended architecture school together from 1982 to 1986 – and we had a lot to catch up on. Our time together was brief, but beautiful – and I wonder if I’ll ever fully understand how reuniting with a friend from thirty years ago can instantly repair so many unraveled parts in oneself. Surely something to contemplate. Thank you, Catherine!


PLenty to talk about at breakfast!

PLenty to talk about at breakfast!

Toenails-paintedPainting the Exceptional Colors Workshop with ten wonderful women who came from all over the US and the Netherlands! This was an extraordinary workshop – the best ever! We painted and played and ate and so enjoyed it all. Que Evans became the first person to stay in Casa Tranquila – and she says it was wonderful! And Anita came down to Papas to paint everyone’s toenails!


Helga and Que at work in studio

Helga and Que at work in studio

Just hangin' out

Just hangin’ out

At the end of the workshop, most went back to San Jose with Francisco. But three stayed on for a Three Day Intensive. After I took an afternoon off…I thoroughly enjoyed diving in again!  We filled all our time with painting and to help, we had a surprise morning visit from a three towed sloth in one of my trees!  What could be better?



Hanging out in the studio_edited-square

Joan and Myles and wifi

Visit from Joan and Myles.  Joan and Myles visited from Washington! Joan hosts my workshops when I’m in Seattle, and this was an opportunity to help pay it back!  Just really good to have good friends staying in the cabinas as well as in Frank’s place, Casa Tranquila.




Annette and Paul Turner

Annette and Paul Turner

Doctors visits  It was arranged a couple of months ago. The phone rang and it was my Neurosurgeon who put me back together again in 2005 after the surgery done in 1996 for a staph infection in my spine finally failed…He saved the quality of my life and asked to come for a visit, with his wife, Annette  and their two great friends. What a pleasure it was to host them here, a ten year follow up house call! Thank you, Dr. Turner and friends!.



Intensive-gals-and-Anita_edited-1Five Day Intensive   Three wonderful women came for a 5 day Intensive. Though they didn’t know each other before, they became close and dear friends in less than a week. Mary Lu from Washington, Laura from Oregon, Maria from Denmark. I think we all grew as artists and humans!



One day we took on water! Wonderful results for everyone!


Rebuilding of Website With the sudden unexpected departure of my web designer, site host and drone pilot, Mark – I asked myself if at seventy two I could learn again and rebuild yet another time. With the great help from a new web guy, Kahlil Calavas – we’re live again!


Jan’s New and Improved Website


Please see the terrific drone video done by Mark Ariail – where I live as well as where I teach….






Rest and recuperation and the Rains return!

  1. Hola Jan
    Once again I stopped everything I was doing to read your NewsLetter! Your place really shines with the drone footage. Can we get him down here!! Anyway, good to see you thriving. One day we will make it up for a hello. And as you know, you can always come here too! Hugs and love
    Blondie and Mike

    • Always so good to hear from you! I’ll reply through email about the drone filming and I’ll look forward to the next time I get a chance to visit you on the Osa or for you to come visit here!

  2. Never idle! I love hearing about all your guests and activities. The water paintings are impressive!!

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