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November, 2016.  HartNews is my three-four times a year communication about life as an artist, writer and teacher from my home, Casa de Corazon, in Costa Rica. Included are writings and paintings and a view from my place in the world. If I’ve sent you this without your expressed permission you can easily unsubscribe at the bottom of the page. I would also love to hear from you, especially if you like this issue! Please feel free to share.  (Photo – Frank’s house at Casa de Corazon).

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Watercolor Intensives and Workshops

Jan’s New Writings and Paintings

• And a Hearing Aid Appeared!

• On Painting White, Light…and Night

What’s Going on at Casa de Corazon?

• A Case Moth Visit

PUBLISHED! My newest book

• A Woman Awakens: Life AfterLife. Book and eBook

Websites and Web Design

• Two New Websites and a Web Designer

Online Store:  Legacy Tutorials and eBooks

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Watercolor Intensives and Workshops


My focus in Costa Rica is now on Intensives – come join in for a one of a kind painting/doing experience!  What is an Intensive?  Read More

Intensives for January and February are filled; one space available for March – and we can plan one for April, May or June.  Email Jan  jan@janhart.com

In the US, 2017

Let me know if there is interest in a Ghost Ranch, NM workshop in 2017. I’m open to start a plan…..

Email Jan

Jan’s New Writings and Paintings

And a Hearing Aid Appeared!A true story of synchronicity in action!

I didn’t have the money. At home I sat at my desk with my calculator. Looking at the Unique 330 price in dollars – about $2,713.00 – I would still have to use a credit card. As I often do concerning financial issues, I called my son, Tim who simply said, “Mom – I understand, but I hope you don’t use your credit card. It’ll be so hard for you to repay.”  So I went about the next few days just wondering what to do – or not do. Did I really need to hear better?
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On Painting White, Light and…Night

“How does an artist choose a subject to paint? Often I find that it is the subject that chooses the artist. Suddenly it just appears! A part of the artist’s brain is alerted through the eyes – to investigate and the brain does what it does best – suggesting things like composition, a different perspective, color ideas, etc. It all happens so fast that sometimes the moment passes before the requisite translators have successfully created an idea for a painting.

 It happened to me not long ago….”

Read more including Demo

What’s Going on at Casa de Corazon?

A Case Moth Visit

“I almost stepped on it, thinking it was a dried leaf. Glancing down I noticed small bits of green that seemed to be attached to the structure. It was  about 4 inches long, conical in shape with several green short stems attached to one end of the cocoon like structure. Curious, I picked it up to examine it more closely and laid it on the concrete edge of my vegetable planter. I thought that whatever it was, it had washed down out of the mango tree above and would likely be safe while I did some research on it.  At first I wasn’t sure it was alive – but after awhile, I noticed that a caterpillar like creature extended itself from one of the structure. So it was a caterpillar with its cocoon attached?

Online I discovered…. ”

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A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife

Jan Hart

It has taken about 8 years to write, re-write, edit and publish. Now it is finished and available through Amazon.com as a paperback or Kindle version.  Deep gratitude to so many along the way. Read more about story of the process here on my Blog.

Description/Customer reviews – Amazon.com


Websites and Web Design!

Two NEW websites and a web designer. 

From Jonathan Owens‘I am currently offering a special discounted rate for my website design services. $500 for a complete, responsive website that will load on any device, (mobile, tablet, desktop computer). My strength is in balancing function and beauty in website design. Just recently, I helped my Mom build two websites.”

• www.awomanawakens.com  Descriptions and full color photos, from the book,A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife’.

•  www.notesinthenight.com   A preview of my next book continuing conversations with Frank.

Jonathan Owens’ website:  http://jdodesign.com/

Jan’s Online Store

Available on janhart.com

The Watercolor Artist’s Guide to Exceptional Color, 2007 – out of print and available as an eBook through my website. Read More   

What Do You Mean I Can’t Move to Costa Rica?   available as an eBook through my website.  Read More

Legacy TutorialsAvailable through my website as singles or a set of 12 – slideshows accompanied by my voice/descriptions on various watercolor subjects.  Read More and Listen

Check out my website which is always in progress….and a special thank you to Kahlil Calavas for continued site maintenance and updating.


Email me for more info. jan@janhart.com

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