Complete Set of 4 Audio Painting Tutorials



Audio Painting Tutorials

These four watercolor painting tutorials come pretty close to watching Jan Hart do a watercolor demo at one of her classes or workshops. She explains her process step by step while she paints. And these Tutorials do the same. She has selected painting demos that cover her favorite subjects and subject matter. Included are pre-painting decisions about color and pigments through the painting process to finishing techniques. Jan characteristically shares it all including self-critiques at the finish of the paintings as well as pointing out and dealing with mistakes. She believes it is important for an artist to know he or she can fix anything – and she proves it.

From your computer you can listen to Jan’s unhurried and insightful narrative through each step of her painting process. And you can also choose to paint along with Jan. (If you email Jan, she can send you a jpeg photo reference for each Tutorial that you can print out).

  • Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a personal email from Jan that contains the link or links for your order, usually within a day. All you need to do is click on the link to download the zip file that contains the slideshow pdfs. The slide show begins as soon as you click the pdf. Each slide show pdf can be saved for more viewings on your computer or external disk drive.

Your purchase of the complete set of 4 Audio Painting Tutorials for $25 saves you $7 over the individual pricing of $8 each!


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