Watercolor Video – Blue Leaves Part 3




Watercolor Video ‘Blue Leaves’ Part 3 – Finishing

Watch Jan Hart finish her ‘Blue Leaves’ watercolor painting in Part 3. The video begins as she and Sharron set up in Jan’s outdoor studio to review and critique their ‘Adolescent’ paintings in order to decide what to do to finish. Returning to Casa Tranquila, Jan shares various techniques and ideas about the finishing process.

This video is a close approximation to being with Jan at one of her watercolor Intensives in Costa Rica. She shares a lot of information both visually and verbally. Your downloaded Part 3 video can be watched and re-watched whenever you want a refresher course or reminder.

  • Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a personal email from Jan that contains the link for your order, usually within a day. All you need to do is click on the link to download the mp4 video. You keep the link and it can be saved on your computer or external disk drive for unlimited viewings.

Your purchase of ‘Blue Leaves’ Painting Video Part 3 is offered for $13. If you order the ‘Blue Leaves’ Complete set of 3 videos, you save $6 over the price for each one individually.


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