Watercolor Video – The One Hour Watercolor Sketch with a Beer




The One Hour Watercolor Sketch with a Beer

One of Jan’s favorite loosening up exercises as well as just an enjoyable way to relax is to paint a fast watercolor sketch with as little preparation as possible. Jan often likes to have her favorite Costa Rican beer – Imperial Light, over iced cubes – while she does a fast sketch. In this 1 hour video, Jan and Sharon set up in the outdoor studio to paint, en plein aire Jan’s mango tree using plain sketchbook paper, a few paints, a brush and some water. Jan explains as they paint in this fresh and ‘in the moment’ video.

Jan can email a printable copy of the mango tree if you would like to paint along with Jan and Sharon.

  • Upon receipt of your order, you will receive a personal email from Jan that contains the link for your order, usually within a day. All you need to do is click on the link to download the mp4 video. You keep the link and it can be saved on your computer or external disk drive for unlimited viewings.

Your purchase of ‘The One Hour Watercolor Sketch with a Beer’ is offered for $13. If you order the complete set of 4 Videos, it is essentially free with a savings of $13.


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